Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blogger: Beyond the Basics

As a "newbie" to the blogiverse, I need all the help I can get. So when I spotted a book entitled Blogger: Beyond the Basics" by Lee Jordan, I snapped it up. I'm still working through its 300-plus pages and have not yet put any actions into practice.

The book follows a hypothetical blogger, Georgia Peach, who wants to promote her fruit shipping business. Step by step, Georgia sets goals, learns to customize her Blogger template, add widgets, link to other sites like Facebook, and add advertising that is appropriate to her site. (You can block competitors: who knew!)

After walking through each step, a "What Just Happened" section sets the actions in context. Understanding context may come in handy if there are differences in details from computer platform, browser upgrades, and improvements in Blogger. At least if I know such a feature exists, I can probably figure out what the new way of evoking it is by using online help.

It's a big book, and I'm admittedly skimming through on the first pass. It looks like a good resource for those like me, who appreciate having many references in one place.