Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things you can do with Linux: Program Your DVR

I'm not a Linux person. I approach a new OS with trepidation. My memory stretches back to the days of frequent OS crashes -- at least the bomb on the Mac was cute. (The Sad Face was real trouble.)

I know Linux has many virtues, of operating stability, plus it's free. Fine for the command-line people. But what about the average user, like me, who just wants to get things done? Can computers outpace the methods of paper and pencil and string around the finger?  What's Out There for the Linux platform that will work on the CherryPal?

Found a surprise on a recent Lifehacker posting. There's a program for Linux that let's you control your VCR through your computer. Details posted below. (We have a TiVo so probably won't be testing this immediately -- but someone else might find this just the thing to organize their lives.)

MythTV (Linux)

is a free, open source DVR application. First released way back in
2002, MythTV is one of the first homebrew DVR apps. Once only a viable
option for veteran Linux users and hackers, MythTV has evolved into an
excellent DVR app for those of us lacking much Linux experience,
although it still remains a system tweaker's dream. MythTV is available
in several flavors, including KnoppMyth, a Linux live CD with MythTV preloaded, and Mythbuntu, a MythTV-focused distribution of Ubuntu.

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